Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Two days in.....

When we were searching relentlessly for homes in our perfect neighborhood, we knew we would have to give up on some things in order to live here.

What we weren't willing to give in on:

* Land. While 1/3 of an acre -GRASS- may not seem like a lot to some people, it is a TON out here. It is an oasis in the desert. Literally. We live in the desert, and no one has real grass. Backyards are either rock, turf, or made up entirely of the backyard pool. My son didn't touch grass until he was three months old and I took him to Dallas.

baby's first grass circa 2009

* Location. We wanted to be close to the kids' school and in this particular neighborhood. No HOA, character filled homes, friendly people, and resale value is high.

And that's it. Everything else we could deal with.

The first time we saw our house, The Hubs didn't give it a second glance. A week later, after checking out four other homes in the neighborhood, I asked if we could stop by it again.

"Ugh. Why?! Did you see that kitchen?!" he asked.

Yes, I did.

I also saw the two original fireplaces, one gas and one electric. Where even one is overkill, this house had two. The irony of two fireplaces in Phoenix kills me.

I lost track after 6 of how many times we saw this house. Our realtor must've thought we were nuts. But I had fallen in love with it the first time I saw it.

Little by little, I snuck ideas into The Hubs head. Kitchen demo. Bathroom rehaul. Huge garage. MAN CAVE.

What we would be giving in on:
*Bedrooms. This is a 3 bedroom house, with an additional outside bonus room.

*Master Bath. The master bath in this house is the size of my pinky toe. Not your "normal" master bath.

*The kitchen. Ohhh, the kitchen. I don't really mind it. But then again, I don't cook. I order in. So the fact that one of the cabinets doesn't have a handle, or that it's smaller than my galley on the plane? I don't care much. It has a huge ugly laminate countertop that we eat breakfast and lunch at, and the kids spread their homework on, and it gets colored on and spilled over, and it works. But, The Hubs hates it. With a passion. He is the chef and he needs a big, open, modern chef kitchen.

I promised him that I could handle living in a renovation home for a while. That I didn't need new appliances, or a big spa bathtub or any of the other creature comforts we have grown used to in 2015 that just didn't exist when this house was built.

I was wrong.

We weren't in the house for two days when I made him put in a new bathroom sink.

When I dropped my toothbrush in the sink and it hit the back of the sink and a clod of rust fell out, it was over. Bye bye 1963 bathroom sink.

Changing a bathroom sink is easy though, if you have a handy husband, so he just popped that sucker out and unscrewed the pipe from the sink base.

Where it promptly fell off in his hand, completely rusted.

Nothing is simple here, I tell you.

Two trips to Home Depot later, we had all the supplies we needed and thirty minutes later, I had a brand new sink and faucet, clearance aisle, of course. It'll do, for now. We have big plans for a few years down the road.

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