Sunday, January 25, 2015

Welcome Home!

Oh, Internet, it's so good to have you back.

See, just yesterday, I didn't have you. No Facebook, no blog, no social media of any kind. My ranting outlets were limited to the four walls of my home.

You have no idea how hard that is.

And why did I not have internet? Because we moved!!! (And other reasons I will explain later.)

We moved to the neighborhood of our dreams - a close-knit, charming community with (wait for it) NO HOA (those of y'all in AZ know how hard that is to find!) and sprawling ranch homes reminiscent of days past.

Seriously. Our house was built in 1963. The kitchen and bathrooms are a testament to that. Days WAAAAYY past.

While the kitchen and bathrooms (and floors, and laundry room and doors, and ...) could use a little work, The Hubs and I couldn't beat the location, the little quirks of an old home, and the 1/3 of an acre grass yard we have been yearning for since we moved here.

It's going to be a labor of love, this house. Thank goodness I have a handy husband and, thanks to the good people at CenturyLink, the internet to document all the do it yourself-ness at this blog. Because if you build it, they will come....and we have come to make this the home of our dreams. Even if it kills us.

Apparently, nothing with an old house is easy. Take Day #1.

We hadn't been here two hours when we tried to move the refrigerator into the spot where the refrigerator should go.

Only to find that it wouldn't even fit into the kitchen....because instead of the standard 36 inch doorway, this one was 29 inches.

We took the doors off the fridge, one screw at a time, pulling the ice machine cord out carefully so as to not spill extra water all over the 1963 hardwood floors. Pushed and pulled and prodded it into the tiniest kitchen known to man....only to find that refrigerators were smaller back then. Ours didn't fit.
Just an excuse to buy new tools 

Props to my handy husband for deciding that since we were going to demo the kitchen soon anyways (two, three, five years....), let's just cut out a hunk of counter top.  An hour later, six inches of Formica counter were on the floor and our refrigerator was were it belonged.

1963 called and wants its wallpaper back

I had the feeling, this would only be the beginning....and I was right.

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