Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What The Hubs has been doing

So while I was busy painting rooms and creating clouds (things The Hubs would not ever, ever want to do), he was busy with his own projects.

Yes, that's a hole in my ceiling.

Master bathroom circa 1963

See, I don't know how people have been living in this house for 55 years. There is NO FAN in the master bathroom. Think about what that means for a minute...

I didn't like it either.

Yes, there is a window. It's about as tall as my hand and just a little wider. Doesn't do much for ventilation purposes, but if you accidentally leave the bathroom door open overnight, the rising sun hits just right to blind you through it in the morning. FYI. So apparently it is big enough for that. 

Haven't any handy husbands wanted to do a weekend project?

My husband lives for weekend projects.
This was not a project I would have tackled my own for a million dollars. I mean, he had to drill a hole through the side of my house.  I cringe just thinking about it. I say I'm all good about renovations, but then when it starts, all I can see is dollar bills flying through the air to fix whatever we messed up.

It's not like he hasn't done this before. He drilled a hole in our last house to install the outdoor stereo system. It sounds like a pattern with him. But, whatever, because I have a fan in my bathroom! Woo hoo!

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