Friday, March 27, 2015

What happens when I leave the house....

Since the day I convinced The Hubs we needed we bought this house The Hubs has been talking about the day we renovate the kitchen. I had it on a 5 year plan, after the air conditioning, water heater, painting and bathroom remodel.  Apparently, it was higher on his list.

That's a lot of fluorescent lighting to trash!

I came home from a week in Texas visiting friends to find a hole the size of me in our kitchen ceiling. Good-bye long fluorescent lighting!!! Over the course of the next week, we (ahem, he) put in recessed lights, replaced drywall and textured. I painted. It's a tough job, I have here.

To be fair, we did need to do this before we put in the insulation, which again, needs to be done before the ridiculously hot summer days. Why do we NEED to do it? Because we have a hole the size of my head in our AC ducting, and the insulation is non-existent. If we didn't replace it, our AC bill would probably cost as much as it would to replace it. Over the long run, it costs less to do these repairs up front than in a few years to trample over the new insulation, resulting in replacing it. Again.

It's a slippery slope, this home repair.

I thought we were done with kitchen, and would do nothing more than peel off wallpaper and maybe, possibly, paint, but oh, I was so, so wrong.

I left for a Sunday morning jog, and came home to this.

Moral of the story: Don't leave my husband in the house alone.

Hidden in the middle of the cabinets that used to stand here is a vent hood. Over a laminate tabletop, completely across the kitchen from the oven and stove. Totally unnecessary, and releasing some of my costly, precious air conditioning into the attic. I don't need cold air in the attic; I don't plan on ever going up there.

That's the sky above my roof you see there. Sigh. 

Over the next 48 hours, the vent hood was capped, insulation and drywall replaced, textured, and painted.

Pre-paint job, but after drywall and repairs.

It was a laborious project, but worthwhile. The kitchen looks a hundred times better, which means I may be able to put off The Hubs a little longer for a full remodel. We also are now ready to replace our air conditioning vent, raise it (so we can take out the soffits and make our ceiling a little taller), and put in insulation. Or, rather, have someone else put in the insulation. Thank goodness, I can pawn that off on someone else. It's hot and cramped up in that attic.

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