Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The couple that takes down walls together, stays together.

A few weeks ago, I gave the nickel tour to a friend who came by for the afternoon. We went room to room to room, ending up in the man cave. (Which, sigh, is apparently a thing. It's no longer "the addition" or the "extra room". No, it's a man cave. For cave men.)

While in there, I noticed that we had some wood paneling that seemed to be wet. Further inspection brought on more paneling and drywall and insulation. All wet. 

(And, yes, the room is completely wood paneling. Ugly, brown 80's wood paneling. I smell a painting project!)

A week later and our wall looked like this.

Because water leaking in through an old wall air conditioning system is not good.  (This room is an addition that is not connected to our home's HVAC system, so it has its own AC unit. )What IS good is that we caught it before it got bad, and we just had to replace the drywall on the inside, the insulation, and the outer wall. 

No big deal, right?

Ummmm.... No. Super big deal. It wasn't hard to pull it down, and to build it back up. Just time consuming and nerve-racking. Good news? We did it in one weekend with no arguing. Bad news? We had to replace a wall in our house! That's bad news enough. This is one project we, and our bankroll, had not counted on. But you do what you have to do, so we did.

Rolls of insulation went in where it was wet and falling apart. 

Then OHB (I think that's what it's called??) went up next, with a lot of measuring twice and cutting once going on. More like measuring 30, cutting once. Putting up this board was possibly The Hubs favorite part of the entire weekend - all because I suggested that with the amount of nails we were going to use, he should rent a nail gun. 

Everything is better with a new power tool.

I high-tailed it to the other side of the yard everytime he turned it on. Not because he wasn't safe; he has the utmost respect and care of power tools. I'm just not good with anything that has the word "gun" in it. Except staple guns. Those I can handle. 

So I cringed and held the OHB in place while he nailed it on, then ran to the opposite end of the yard as soon I could so he could finish in peace. 

Safety first, people. Wearing my racquetball goggles to protect these precious eyeballs of mine

We put up the weatherproof TyVek sheeting, and called it a weekend. A long weekend. A very long weekend of 97 degree record heat, the hottest day of the year so far here in Phoenix. Not the best time to be working outside. 

The siding still needed to go up, but since my Father in Law was coming in town, I decided to step back from the project and let him help The Hubs. They had the siding done within a few hours, and even added a few decorative touches. 

We don't have an air conditioning unit in it yet. The old one was rusted and needs to be replaced, and we are still researching all our options. Split AC? Another through the wall unit? Whatever it is, we need to do it soon. 100 degree days aren't too far away. 

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