Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Still working on the Man Cave

So it's been 6 weeks since my last post, and we have done little things here and there, but with two birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, camping, work.....well, we are a little behind on our updo schedule.

Last night, after 6 weeks of prep work and procrastination, we finally began painting the man cave. Those awful 1980's wood paneling walls are going to stay, but under layers of a cool, calm blue. We were going for a steely gray/green/blue but we cannot seem to EVER pick the right paint color (why is it so hard?!), but we are sticking with what we have.

Obviously, I'm an AWESOME picture taker. Isn't this an exciting view?

Close up. It looks like the right color in pics. In person it's much bluer. 

It's a beautiful, calm blue, and we need one coat of touch-up paint tonight, and then on to steps two through what seems like 500.

Step 2: Paint doors and trim.
Step 3: Attach molding and baseboard throughout the room. (See above pic one. Can you see the wood paneling poking out from the top? Cover that up!)

Then it's on to the fun stuff. Prepping and attaching the pallet wall comes next. I've heard that it is a total PITA to get the pallets apart but I'm not too concerned. That's what power tools are for.

We need to buy some furniture for the room - a couch, a sectional perhaps, maybe a nice rug.

Does anyone else's spouse have a problem with used couches? I look at couches the way I look at cars - buying new is just throwing my money away, as the second it gets home, it is already devalued. Why spend $2000 when I can spend $500 on craigslist? But The Hubs is 100% super-anti used couches (does he realize that I never had a new couch until 5 years ago when we bought ours???) so the budget has to be re-figured for that. Also, I want to wait for the best deals. Labor Day weekend, maybe?

Did I mention that The Hubs got the best Father's Day present from me? I found him an old Jack Daniels whiskey barrel to turn into a pub table. Super easy, and looks awesome. I can't wait to start on it.

Yup, I loaded it in the garage upside down.

Hopefully within the month, the room will be usable. I know The Hubs could use it. Having the kids cooped up inside all day and night in this summer heat is wearing him down. He needs a relaxation place.

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  1. Think of a used couch much like a used mattress.