Sunday, February 14, 2010

And so it begins. . . . . .

Welcome to my newest blog!! (Yes, this does make THREE blogs. And who says I never have free time???)

But I had to start another. I have one for the Best Thing I Have Ever Made (I had a little help with it) and one that I haven't updated in months and now this one. A blog all the second best things I have ever made. . . .

The title is a tribute to my best friend. In college we would antique and goodwill (and, yes, those are verbs) only to stop ourselves, arms full, just as we got to the checkout. "We could make that!"

Then we would go back to our college house filled with fun, laughter and as many scrapbooking scissors as they make . . . .

and promptly forget about anything we just saw.

This blog is my string on a finger. My post it note. My blackberry appointment reminder. Maybe if I have a blog, I can actually remember all the things I want to make.

And then make them.

Wanna join me? Because you know that everytime you peruse that Over-Priced-But-Incredibly-Cute catalog, you think, "I could make that!"