Friday, February 19, 2016

Finished man cave....almost

It took nine months and the threat of a Super Bowl party - lots of people! lots of kids! You'll need a space just for the guys! - but we finally made it happen.

The man cave is DONE.

Go Tech!

Okay, so technically it's not actually done. The Hubs wants to refinish a sentimental piece of furniture into a TV stand with an oh-so-awesome handmade barn door closure. MUCH better than our current TV stand of - wait for it.....a huge office filing cabinet. See that up there? UG-LEE. And really just a catch-all for junk. According to Marie Kondo's tidy house rules, it needs to go. So I will get to that....eventually.

He also wants to replace the windows with a sliding garage door type window and install a bar on the outside.

So, really, it's not actually done. But it's as done as it will be until we get the kitchen and bathrooms in the house updated. Priorities. Sorry, Hubs, but a new bathtub trumps sliding door bar window.

The man cave (which we have taken to calling the family room now) is exactly what we wanted it to be! We had a few people over for Super Bowl and while most of the time was spent basking in the beautiful weather on on the patio, the last part of the night was all about relaxing in the man cave. Ahem. Family room. Sorry, I'm still getting used to the name change.