Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Of all the things I strive to be, a Pinterest Mom is one of them. I yearn to have a pretty mantle, a decorative gallery of pictures and wall paint that doesn't look remotely like "tan". I want to blog, takes daily pictures of activities, and those crafts that don't turn out quite as well as expected - I want them to come out much much better.

But I am a Wannabe. Oddly enough,  I'm content here, too. (After all, they know me here.)

See, I pin and search and look and ooh and aaahh, but then I also go out and DO.

It rarely turns out as I hope. It rarely turns out better. It usually turns out like a 3rd graders art project.

And my kids love it.

(There's also rarely any expectations for me. Not like my friend, the baker. She makes ah-mazing homemade muffins and breads to bring to the park. The expectations are set high for her. My Little Debbies snack cake contribution to the play date wouldn't feel right coming from her. It's par for the course for me. I set the bar low.)

Last year for Halloween, I "pinned" a Frankenstein door decor. I had no idea how I would do it, after mentioning it to my boy, it had to happen. You know how that is.. After much searching, I finally found a green trash bag and some poster board. For better or for worse, his door was set.

He left it up until Christmas. (Which is when I let them choose a roll of wrapping paper from the store to "wrap" their door in. Probably the only reason he allowed me to take down Frankie.)

This year he asked to do it again, but I couldn't find the green trash bag.

I found something so much better.

Green bulletin board paper from JoAnns. (Sold in a roll for $7.99. I got almost two doors worth out of one roll. On a side note - did you know that Joann's accepts mobile coupons from other retailers? I had a 50% off one item coupon from JoAnn's and a 50% off one item coupon from Michaels, and I used both on the same transaction. Like a BOGO deal! Fab, right?!)

So not only did he get Frankie again this year, but his sister received a slightly less scary monster - Mike Wisowsky from Monsters Inc. (Which she then made me remove after one night because "the door paper is too loud, Mommy". My little Princess and the Pea.)

It's not perfect. Not by a long shot. But Bjorn loves it.

He came home from school the day I prepped everything for his door (because of course I let them hang it up themselves, that's half the fun!) and saw the mess I made of the kitchen cutting and gluing.

"Well, someone sure had fun making a big mess, didn't they?" he said, knowingly.

He's FIVE, people. Do normal five year olds say things like that?!

But he knows I like to make things. I like to craft. He loves it too. Most days he asks me if he can paint, or cut, or glue or create. Last week he searched the house looking for the perfect box to turn into a puppet theater, and he couldn't start the show until it was cut and glued and colored to perfection. Like mother, like son.

Happy halloween!!!

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