Friday, February 13, 2015

How a Few Walnuts Saved my Marriage

In my defense, I've never had real wood floors. Laminate, yes. But real wood? I had no idea how soft they were.

See that shoe there? It's not there because I couldn't take it another 6 inches to the shoe basket. Unlike some people who shall remain nameless, I can take my items an extra 1/2 foot to get them to the right spot.

That's another story.

Do you want to see what's under the shoe?

I know you do.

Yes. This.

Oops. Big oops.

We had been in the house exactly 2 days when I tried to move the furniture by myself. Our heavy, long, 7 drawer dresser that still had all the filled drawers in it. I had no idea it was so heavy, and absolutely no frickin' clue that hard wood floors were so insanely soft. I have moved my furniture dozens of times in our past home, with its laminate floors!

2 days. Can you imagine my husband's face if I told him I put a big long scratch in our floor after only 2 days in?!

So to save my marriage and my husband's sanity, my shoe has not moved from that spot in 2 weeks. Until today.

(And of course he didn't notice!)

I had read somewhere - I bet you can guess where; it starts with a P and rhymes with Hinterest - that walnuts could be used to restore wood coloring on old furniture, and, yes, on wood floors. When they showed up on sale at Sprouts, I threw a few in a baggie and $.38 later walked out with the equivalent of a marriage life vest.


At home, I took those walnuts, got down on my hands and knees and found......

that it worked.

It worked!

See, the scratch is still there. There is nothing I can do about it except pray that we keep our furniture in the exact same spot our entire time in this house. Nothing can take it back. But the walnut did make it so much less noticeable. It is not glaringly obvious when you walk into the room that THERE IS A SCRATCH ON THE FLOOR. Now you must look for it.

And he is none the wiser. Unless he reads this blog.....

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