Friday, February 20, 2015

Every cloud has a silver lining

I promised the kidlets when we moved that they would be able to pick the colors to paint their new rooms.

I lied.

Peanut chose bubblegum, baby girl, pretty pretty PINK. Bjorn chose red.

I casually steered them towards other colors, all the time making them think it was their idea. (Parenting win!)  After promising Peanut that we could have PINK PINK PINK all over her room (just not on the walls), she chose a pretty lilac.

I was hoping it would be purpler, but at least the girl is happy and it's not PINK!

 I had to promise Bjorn he could paint his side table red (!!!!) before he settled for a sky blue. Because he also now wants clouds.

Note to self: Old sheets triple-folded are not thick enough to be used as drop cloths.

I tried to tell him that Mommy was no artist, and clouds on the wall, while they look easy, were more than mere circles, and had the potential to be the biggest Pinterest failure of 2015. He was insistent on clouds. Then my amazing aunt sent me a link for creative DIY rooms and I hit the jackpot.

I can make him clouds that actually hang from the ceiling.

It looked easy, so I ordered the supplies from Amazon (love me some Prime!!) and the boy and I got to work.

Yup, he helped. Because it is that easy.

10 white paper lanterns (I believe they are 8") for $8, a baggie of stuffing for $5 (at first I ordered quilting batting, but that is totally wrong. You need the stuffing that goes inside teddy bears and such.) and Elmer's Glue (hot glue would have worked better, but then the boy couldn't have helped).

$13 for clouds. A steal.

Technology confounds me. I can't turn this picture. Just tilt your head. 
I put together the lanterns, and Bjorn drizzled glue all over the outside, section by section.

He grabbed big wads of cotton batting and stuffed it onto the lantern.

Then repeat from the next section. Turn, repeat. Turn, repeat. All the way around. Let dry and hang from the ceiling with a thumbtack and some string. Voila. Clouds.

He wants the clouds to be shapes. Like the ones in the sky. "Look, Mom! An elephant tap-dancing!"

I have three more clouds and I'm pretty sure he will want them over his bed. Except we are putting in a ceiling fan next week, so......

Not to be left out, I picked up a little something at a local resale site for the girl, too.

She asked for either butterflies or Rapunzel princesses on the clouds. Whichever, I smell a craft day soon!

 By far, this was the easiest DIY we have done since we moved into this house. It also makes Bjorn happy, so it is a complete win in my opinion!

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